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Originally Posted by IxNay View Post
I used to agree with your opinion on changing calipers in pairs. But when I had a sticky caliper my mechanic (over 30 years in the business) convinced me to only replace the bad caliper and it worked like a charm. So, now I am of the opinion that just one side can be replaced without being a problem. Of course, you must replace the bad caliper, the rotor and the pads on the one side.
Being a mechanic is really irrelevant. I am also a mechanic by trade, but my personal train of thought is more towards preventative maintenance than waiting till stuff breaks to fix it. If one caliper is binding there is a good chance the other one will bind soon enough(since it is a sign of poor PM, like not changing brake fluid or cleaning parts improperly), and a measely $30 for a rebuilt rotor is cheap piece of mind. It's quite alright to only replace one caliper, but do I really want to chance this happening again when the car is somewhere far from home??
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