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Originally Posted by alex_lee88 View Post
Since I'm not in a hurricane area, I'm basing mine off a scenario which causes mass panic.

My bag will include:

Ammo for my 9mm & 12 gauge shotgun
First aid kit
A few days clothing
camping stuff - fire starters, ax, small saw
muti tool
hydration bag, purification equipment
lighting - batteries, flashlights, etc

not the best BOB, but i figured if something like this happens, I can resupply.

Also, my plan is to head to my buddy's place about 15 miles from here. He has a cache of guns and ammo. He has a "safe" room which includes 5 safes full of gun of all types and he has one of his garages full of ammo...

Also, this is off the top of my head. So I'm sure I'm missing something.
Great start, but be careful that you don't go overboard planning for unlikely catastrophes and end up overlooking the most likely emergencies that may affect your area.

No, you're not in a hurricane zone but didn't you Texans go a zillion days without rain this year? My sister lives in Houston, she tells me the wildfires crept right up to the city.

Are you prepared to evacuate your home on short notice if a wildfire breaks out? In record breaking drought conditions? EXTRA water, burn cream, eyewash, headlamp, face mask/respirator?

Word on the street is that your drought is expected to last well into next year: LINK.Think hard about stuff you might actually need, then scale up.

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