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Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
Great start, but be careful that you don't go overboard planning for unlikely catastrophes and end up overlooking the most likely emergencies that may affect your area.

No, you're not in a hurricane zone but didn't you Texans go a zillion days without rain this year? My sister lives in Houston, she tells me the wildfires crept right up to the city.

Are you prepared to evacuate your home on short notice if a wildfire breaks out? In record breaking drought conditions? EXTRA water, burn cream, eyewash, headlamp, face mask/respirator?

Word on the street is that your drought is expected to last well into next year: LINK.Think hard about stuff you might actually need, then scale up.
I have thought about that.. and Im not prepared for that because I figure if it was a wildfire threat, I would at least have a few hours to prepare/ get out. Then I could always head up the road to Dallas.
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