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Originally Posted by benzedid View Post
these guys had the guts back then to do ads like these. i won't be shocked if they compared the new hyundai to the F30.
I would be, it's a no-win situation for Hyundai, no matter how hard they try, Hyundais will NEVER, EVER compare to a BMW in quality, performance, or anything for that matter as far as I am concerned. Why? Because Hyundais are CHEAP, they pride themselves on being CHEAP, and they cannot, and will not be able to come close to the quality of a BMW EVER, by being cheap.

I had total respect for the Genesis coupe, until I recently got to drive one that belonged to my friend's dad. What a total piece of sh*t. Seriously. It was garbage, the blue dash lit up so F"N bright, that's all I could see! talk about distracting. The car already had a few squeaks going over bumps and was 2 years and 40K miles old. The doors sounded like opening a can of tuna when they were opened, and flicking an aluminum can when closed. I grabbed the door handle from the inside and twisted it ever so slightly and it sounded like it was made from plastic so cheap, it squeaked and I swear I could have broken it if I twisted harder. What an absolute, piece of crap.

Go drive one, I challenge any of you. Maybe they "seem good" right off the lot, but give one 40K miles, and it starts to turn to garbage. Once you hit 100K, if you're lucky, that's when the fun starts and the rust begins to seep everywhere from underneath where you can't see it unless you get down under there. Every time I get into one, I cannot help but think of how far they've come, and how far they still are from BMW, they're absolute CRAPTASTIC CRAP in my opinion.

Sure, want to go from point A to point B, not stressing the car out in any way, and go 100K with no worries? buy one. that's what they are for. people who cannot stand to drive. /rant.
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