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Originally Posted by wild willy View Post
In the past 10 years.....who has come further as a manufacturer...? Is it even close? I don't think so...........Just sayin......Imagine where the 2 will be in 10 more years......BMW feels they have nothing to prove......Hyundai has proven a lot.
Look at early 2000 hyundai. They were putting out crappy economy cars when no one wanted them. Build quality was garbage. They were just crap.
Styling may be a little off but Hyundai today is a completely different name. The newer higher end cars (genesis sedan and Equis?) very nice cars with good interior quality and design. Good build quality. Decent performance and decent styling.
If it were my money and I had a family I'd test drive a bigger Hyundai. They have definitely come a LONG way in the past 10 years
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