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...and AC off? You had the AC on before when you were bleeding? That didn't come from me, just for the record! LOL

So this Indy's bleeding got you a little more heat, just not all you want, is that it? One, I don't know how long it was idling for in the shop, but just the fact that he got a little heat seems to me a sign that you're going in the right direction and I don't know that I'd give up on bleeding just yet...only because so many here have so many issues with it...and lots of time it's when they replaced a single component and seemed to introduce air in the middle of the system. I don't know where all the coolant goes after it leaves what's visible, but I think there are lots of good hiding spots for air.

That said...some have had luck just banging the water valve. It may be that, but I'll just say you're focused on one thing and I think you should have all the possibilities in mind. Guys have flushed out their heater core in reverse direction...same with radiator too. There's still stuff you can futz around with. And don't mean to insult you about the bleeding at all...many have issues doing this and it seems it's 90% of the reason guys don't have heat!
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