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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
Jesus christ, i should have just posted this on a hyundai forum. For those of you "praising" the craptasticness of hyundai, have you actually been in or driven a relatively new one, or are you making claims solely based on what the media has presented you with?
I have, and you obviously haven't. Yes, this is a BMW "fansite" but for me (since I no longer own a BMW,) this is a CAR fansite. I like all cars, and hate cars from all manufacturers, regardless of the name.

Why don't you read up on Hyundai as a company. They could buy BMW, and turn the brand into golf carts. Automobiles is not even 50% of their production. Ships, cranes, heavy industry is their bread and butter.

Other than the M series cars, BMW has been consistently slipping. Between Audi, and all the Japanese/Korean manufacturers taking a bite out of their "ultimate driving machine" pie, they are losing marketshare. Their dollar value is at an all time low. A Genesis coupe if a better car than a 328 in every aspect you can measure. Yes, it's not a BMW, but that's it. BMWs are for the most part, are nothing more today than boulevard cruisers. 3/5/7 series are now driven mostly by "regular folk" that wouldn't know performance if it slapped them in the face. This partly explains BMW using electric steering systems in their new 5 series. If you read the automotive rags, they all cry about it, but the PUBLIC doesn't care. BMW still charges for HID lamps and ipod cables. Consumers today want more, for less. This is why Hyundai is torching everyone. Go sit in the new Equus, and compare it to a 5 series. Sure it's not a 5 series competitor, but a 7 series competitor, but the price is equal to a 5 series. Those thinking of a 5 series can get way MORE with an Equus, for the same amount of money. The Tau V8 has been critically acclaimed as a great motor. Give them another 3 years, and their cars will surpass the Germans in build and material.
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