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Originally Posted by pkripon View Post
I don't care about car comparisons much...but this I got to put my two cents in...use to hate BMW and Mercedes until I drove and owned one...there's no comparison... i rather buy a $10K,10 year old e46 over a new Hyundai or kia any day of the week... BMW focused on.making the best cars on the tracks and on the roads...not toaster ovens and TV's and you are at the top of the game as BMW is in the car industry ...the only other way is down (once another car company catches up)...yes Hyundai and Kia are looking better now...its because they offer one of BMW top designer more money to work for their design department ...and hence you all kinda notice how Hyundai and Kia has similarities to BMW's headlights..taillights ...and body lines...(check it out)...and for Hyundai/Kia engine reliability...that will mostly depend on the owner's and how they take are of their cars...I have not really seen very much 1988 Hyundai that are clean...mostly crap ...we'll see how these newer Hyundai/Kia hold up in looks and reliability in the next 10-20 years from now....on the other hand...owners of older BMW's still cherish their car and there are a lot of older BMW's out there that still looks like the first day out of the showroom floor...just my two cents and a half...
Thats because you are sipping koolaid. BMW is not focused on making "best cars, etc etc etc." They are focused on making money. If they were focused on making the "ultimate driving machine" they would only produce M cars. Old BMWs are sh!t too, it's just that they have a cult following, using them as sunday cars, thus, making them "rare" since the rest have been sent to the scrap heap. I don't see anyone bringing the 318ti into the convo. Ultimate driving machine? I think not. I am probably on over 25 car boards, and nowhere do you find blindness like you do on a BMW board. While most of their cars are fun to drive, good looking, and fun, they are not without fault, as is BMW as a car company. The blind following is just moronic, and failure to acknowledge another car company for doing what we, car enthusiast love, just shows one thing....that people with that mentality don't know d!ck about cars.

Like I said earlier, even if you HATE Hyundai/Kia/whatever, you MUST understand that it is THEM that make your BMWs better every year.
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