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Originally Posted by wild willy View Post
Tunnel vision will get you one place.......Step back...and look around..What hyundai has done is amazing...if they go as far as they have come, BMW and every other MFG in the world will be way behind them
Hyundai hasn't done anything special AT ALL. Their cars are merely replicas of other manufacturers vehicles. The drive is horrendous and the build quality is poor. Sure, their cars look nicer than they did 10 years ago, but that's only because they gave up on trying to be original and started mimicking what's already out. If it weren't for companies like Honda and Toyota Leading the way in that segment, there would be no Hyundai.

I appraise and buy cars for a living, so I speak from first hand experience and not just reading road & track or seeing them on the road. Hyundai isn't on the level of Honda or Toyota, let alone any of the high lines. They will always be a cheap copy of better cars, and that's the end of it

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