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Originally Posted by Big Rick View Post
1. That is not boasting. Perhaps you should look up the definition.

2. At the time I purchased this I was unaware that there were others on the market. Since there are a minimum of 3-4 sites now selling what looks like the same thing... How would a purchaser know unless someone would tell them BEFORE they purchased. This is not the only site that I surf. Other forums openly discuss this and that is where I got the information. As it turns out I could have bought one for half the price I paid!

3. I've found that usually the people who object the most about something are usually the ones who have done or are doing it themselves. Perhaps MP3s? DVD movies? Something... Kind of like a Sunday baptist who drinks and swears all week... But on Sunday... He's a man of the church. Yeah...

4. If I have done anything wrong then I would imagine that I would get a PM from a moderator or the owner... I have not yet. This software and equipment is mentioned all over this site and others.

I am the moderator of a PC tech forum where discussing how to bypass BIOS passwords is strictly forbidden. The forum owner laid down that law as he doesn't want thieves coming on the forum trying to figure out how to bypass or break into the BIOS to change passwords. They do this to show manufacturers that, in good faith, they are doing their part. Yet car forums routinely discuss (and in some cases promote) illegal and unsafe mods, products and customizations. How far do we want to take this? Tinted lenses are illegal in most states yet there are sponsors here who sell them. Many people have hacked into their DME to make their cars do things that are not supposed to be available on the US models... Or for more power. Removal of exhaust parts, etc. There are a bunch more. So what?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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