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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
I had two E46 M3s. The first one was stolen (2003) and bought a new one when I got the check (2004.5) and both were pieces of sh!t. Sure, they were fun to drive, but I spent most of my time driving them to the dealer, and rocking a 3.0 X5 loaner. Biggest POS car I have ever owned. My 2004 coupe was at the dealer 19 times in 3 months. My 2003 vert was at the dealer 7 times in 2 months. A friend of mine has a genesis coupe with some minor mods. Far superior car to my M3s, you know, except the badging.

P.S. I am sure you noticed the S class having a 7 series trunk, all major manufacturers sticking LEDs in their headlights, etc. Like I said, everyone copies everyone.
Maybe you just had a bad experience? Most M3 owners I know personally haven't experienced anything even remotely like that. What went wrong with the cars during those times? 19 trips in 3 months is insane.

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Either pursue her and risk getting Mono, or don't pursue her,...stay home and use your Mano.

It's either Mono or Mano .... You decide
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