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Originally Posted by _.dstrukt.n1ne View Post
I trust your opinion.
Originally Posted by 330CK View Post
That is an absolutely ridiculous example. One had much further to go before what they were producing what could be considered even an acceptable product.

That's like saying that someone who starts off being able to bench press 50 pounds and trains to be able to bench press 250 pounds is stronger and a better competitor than someone who can bench press 300 pounds and is also still in training.

I ****ing hate these threads. It's just a bunch of unfounded theories from either side of the argument, just completely talking out of their ass.
Originally Posted by pkripon View Post
I don't care about car comparisons much...but this I got to put my two cents in...use to hate BMW and Mercedes until I drove and owned one...there's no comparison... i rather buy a $10K,10 year old e46 over a new Hyundai or kia any day of the week... BMW focused on.making the best cars on the tracks and on the roads...not toaster ovens and TV's and you are at the top of the game as BMW is in the car industry ...the only other way is down (once another car company catches up)...yes Hyundai and Kia are looking better now...its because they offer one of BMW top designer more money to work for their design department ...and hence you all kinda notice how Hyundai and Kia has similarities to BMW's headlights..taillights ...and body lines...(check it out)...and for Hyundai/Kia engine reliability...that will mostly depend on the owner's and how they take are of their cars...I have not really seen very much 1988 Hyundai that are clean...mostly crap ...we'll see how these newer Hyundai/Kia hold up in looks and reliability in the next 10-20 years from now....on the other hand...owners of older BMW's still cherish their car and there are a lot of older BMW's out there that still looks like the first day out of the showroom floor...just my two cents and a half...
Originally Posted by vwott View Post
I don't know why people give Hyundai so much credit for coming such a long way. They just make low grade replicas of German cars, use lesser quality material where they can get away with it and probably pay their workers less to build it. In the end you have a decent car for less money.
Originally Posted by vwott View Post
Never saw a BMW replica of a Hyundai.

And honestly I don't care enough to research. If you have all the knowledge to prove that Hyundai is better then cool; buy a Hyundai. I'll be the sucker in the inferior M3.
Originally Posted by vwott View Post
Cool. You convinced me that a Genesis is the way to go. You don't have to worry about anyone stealing it because no one has done enough research on the steel they use to make it to know how superior it is.
Originally Posted by vwott View Post
You mean where I said they use lesser quality MATERIAL (everything the car is made of) and probably CHEAPER labor (not worse) and they are able to make a decent car at a cheaper price (Still just a replica of a nicer car that cost more).
Originally Posted by makecopies View Post
1 thing I always noticed is you never see a 10 year old Kia or Hyundai rolling on the streets.

But every other car brand you do
Originally Posted by BMW.Nick View Post
Hyundai hasn't done anything special AT ALL. Their cars are merely replicas of other manufacturers vehicles. The drive is horrendous and the build quality is poor. Sure, their cars look nicer than they did 10 years ago, but that's only because they gave up on trying to be original and started mimicking what's already out. If it weren't for companies like Honda and Toyota Leading the way in that segment, there would be no Hyundai.

I appraise and buy cars for a living, so I speak from first hand experience and not just reading road & track or seeing them on the road. Hyundai isn't on the level of Honda or Toyota, let alone any of the high lines. They will always be a cheap copy of better cars, and that's the end of it
Originally Posted by wild willy View Post
I can tell you I will never own another Honda.......I got one I'll sell you since you think they are so good. That is another MFG that has gone down hill in the quality dept ...cruising on an old reputation...........

Fock honda
Originally Posted by AfghanScarface View Post
Maybe you just had a bad experience? Most M3 owners I know personally haven't experienced anything even remotely like that. What went wrong with the cars during those times? 19 trips in 3 months is insane.
Originally Posted by Lair View Post
The difference in build quality between a BMW and a Honda is palpable. Hondas feel like cheap, tinny crap, and age poorly. I haven't driven one, but I would imagine that the new Hyundais are a step below Honda.
Originally Posted by benzedid View Post
i think we can set up a poll and see how many votes we get. that would give us a much broader idea of what most users think of BMW here.
Originally Posted by Krizzy TanG View Post
Funny How they compare a sh!tty sh!tbox with one of the (arguably) best BMW's ever build.

^^These guys ALL know what they're talking about. It all makes sense, it's all based on personal OWNERSHIP and DRIVING experiences, and is all 100% correct.

F*** honda fan, comes into E46 OT, complains about how many times his uncared-for BMWs went into the shop when he owned them, praises Hundays.

God this should be thread of the F****** year!

That's it, I am staring a poll. S2000 owner, please check in!
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