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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
^^These guys ALL know what they're talking about. It all makes sense, it's all based on personal OWNERSHIP and DRIVING experiences, and is all 100% correct.

F*** honda fan, comes into E46 OT, complains about how many times his uncared-for BMWs went into the shop when he owned them, praises Hundays.

God this should be thread of the F****** year!

That's it, I am staring a poll. S2000 owner, please check in!
Jackass of the year post. Believe me, I know more about BMWs than you ever will. All of my cars are meticulously maintained BY ME. I change my own clutches and everything else that needs to be changed in a car. I worked on MANY forum members' cars of all types, S4s, M3s, Evos, S2000s, etc. Hell, it got so busy at one point, I was making almost an equal salary just working on members' cars. My M3s were at the dealer for QC issues. On my vert, my top stopped working with 500 miles on the clock. Then my TPMS light kept going off, even though all the tires were perfectly inflated. After that, the heated seats stopped working. None of my issues were ever "neglect" related.
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