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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Jackass of the year post. Believe me, I know more about BMWs than you ever will. All of my cars are meticulously maintained BY ME. I change my own clutches and everything else that needs to be changed in a car. I worked on MANY forum members' cars of all types, S4s, M3s, Evos, S2000s, etc. Hell, it got so busy at one point, I was making almost an equal salary just working on members' cars. My M3s were at the dealer for QC issues. On my vert, my top stopped working with 500 miles on the clock. Then my TPMS light kept going off, even though all the tires were perfectly inflated. After that, the heated seats stopped working. None of my issues were ever "neglect" related.
I think you just topped me with this post. At one time, you are constantly complaining about how many times your BMWs are in the shop. Then you turn right around and say that you maintain them yourself, and that when they go into the shop, it isn't for neglect-related items. Your automatic top on your M3 Vert stopped working under warranty. Do you have any idea how many cars have issues when they are bought new and drive off the lot? Any idea how many times other cars need to go back when new because of similar issues? Does your S2000 even have an automatic top, or is it really a much simpler car than a BMW? You're the one that said you have a wealth of BMW knowledge, so much more than anyone else. You should know that an E46 M3 vert is not even in the same class as a Honda S2000. Then you complain about TPMS not working correctly, honestly, I am personally amazed that someone who fixes their own BMWs would even care about TPMS. Sure, if it came with the car and wasn't working that's annoying, but don't you know how to check tire pressure?

Listen, let me make this simple for you. This is a car forum, true. But this is a BMW car forum. And this is a BMW car forum for ONE SPECIFIC chassis of BMWs, the E46. So when you come in here trying to drop all this knowledge about other brands of cars, what do you expect to happen? I didn't go onto a Honda forum and post a poll about BMWs vs Hyundais, did I?

By the way, I've fixed every single thing on both of my E46's by myself, ever since I went off the CPO warranty, which was about 6 years ago. Only thing I haven't had to touch is the clutch, or transmission, but that's probably because I know how to drive a manual transmission car. 154K on the original clutch baby.
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