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Originally Posted by Pir4t View Post
As for the ASC the M52 TB is controlled by the DME.
It measures the TPS on the TB and then uses a motor to drive the actual valve to the corresponding position which is measured by another pair of tps'es (it has 2tps'es for the valve and 2 for the "throttle" part)

Hence i use 1 of each for my ems and wire the stock DME's input so that the 4 tps'es it reads are just 2 physical.

My dme supports % slip calculation so i could get my TC from there but im a perfectionist so even if i remove the lights i will know something is not as it should be

You might want to look at this:

Those TPS signals by the way are inverse to each other...combining them will either burn something out, or your'll end up with either a 0v or 5v signal depending on which pair you chose.
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