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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
good point but I am afraid to get a bunch of weird error codes such as

-IAT (MS42). the MS45 IAT is integrated into the MAF
-3/2 way valve (Ms42), MS42 doesnt use the 3/2 valve and has the pressure regulator integrated into fuel filter
-Mechanical throttle (MS42). MS45 has an electronic throttle

until I get the engine and start working on my car everything is a guessing game so I will try to keep my replies to a min.

In the mean time, can anyone can chime on my compression test question?
The MS42 and MS43/5 both have a seperate IAT on pin #20 and #21 of the X6003 connector (they even use thesame sensors)
The MS42 also has a mecanical throttle , the wire is just activationg the potentiometer on the TB (and serving as a failsafe if the MDK is somehow deactivated), on the MS43/5 the pot is on the pedal.
The MS43/5 doesnt monitor fuel pressure , doesnt really matter if you use the M52 or M54 fuelrail, the M54 will have more expensive filters and a longer vacuum line though

From what i can gather you need to crank the engine with the starter to get a good reading , preferably the engine should be warmed up too...

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