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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
I am curious what dyno that was on and if that is corrected power (SAE). I can't figure out how a car with factory 170hp at the crank with an AUTO trans (figure 20-30% loss through the drivetrain) is able to put 170hp to the wheels. A stock ZHP with a 6MT makes 235 at the crank and only gets 200ish to the wheels.

So you are going to go through a lot of pain and anguish to gain 30whp. It would be easier to pick up a used SC kit and bolt it on. I am all for retrofit projects, but this one makes little sense to me. But if you enjoy it, what the heck, go for it right?

One other thing to think about, the 330's come with larger axle splines, I doubt you'll have problems, but it is another potential weak point. And given that the ZF trans is more problematic and weak than it's GM counterpart, I'd strongly suggest a 5 speed swap.
It just take a minute to read the thread that I posted especially since you questioned (time and time again) my result. I posted my "rebuttal" but yet you continue to ask me the same question. It seems like you are one of those type that are set on your ways and refuse to believe/hear/see any counter arguments that might proof you wrong.

Did x3 dynojet runs each with 4-5 pulls.

each runs consistently pull over 16x ponies.

here is the spec you are asking. again, it just take a minute to read the thread
SAE correction 1.04. SAE Smoothing 3

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