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Originally Posted by steve108819 View Post
I don't know why it's a bigger problem than the economy, so please tell me the whys and wherefores.
Seriously? You can't work this out for yourself? It truly is painfully obvious. :sigh: OK..just this once.

Can the US survives with its current economic state and unemployment at 8.6? Yes. It survived even when the number were were higher, in the 13s.
(It is still nowhere close to the economic state and unemployment of the great depression. 4 solid years of unemployment over 15%, two of those over 20%. So things have been much worse in the history of the US economy)

The placement of religious icons on public property is a clearly detrimental to the constitutional rights of citizens. Any display of religious specific icons on public property is an action by the government of support of particular religion(s) is detrimental to the constitutional rights of its citizens. The US is not the US without the rights protected in constitution.

Ergo, the latter is "more important" than the former. Ergo, if both things are facing "problems", the problems of the latter are FAR larger than those of the former.

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