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As I read through this thread I was thinking the same thing.... read and you may learn something.

Many people are questioning why you are doing this swap for minimal gains, but they are forgetting that this is just a new starting point with a larger platform. Judging by your previous work this will not be the last mod and there will be much larger gains in your future with this new platform.

If I were to do this swap I would not do the drive by wire conversion either, I personally would much rather keep it mechanical and skip all of the problems that are going to come with trying to retrofit drive by wire.

Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
It just take a minute to read the thread that I posted especially since you questioned (time and time again) my result. I posted my "rebuttal" but yet you continue to ask me the same question. It seems like you are one of those type that are set on your ways and refuse to believe/hear/see any counter arguments that might proof you wrong.

Did x3 dynojet runs each with 4-5 pulls.

each runs consistently pull over 16x ponies.

here is the spec you are asking. again, it just take a minute to read the thread
SAE correction 1.04. SAE Smoothing 3

Great project btw I will be following and cheering you on, make sure to keep us up to date on your progress.
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