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I have used many ebay aluminum radiators for years and never had issues with them. Even though they were mainly used in all my Honda's in the past and one in my dad's toyota tundra. They all held up great and the radiator in my dad's tundra is going to be 5 years old soon. My honda HPED civic has a ebay full aluminum radiator with no issues at all either. I had more issue with radiators from autozone and cskauto from leaky end tanks after 20k miles. Im not saying the ebay radiators are are bulletproof but they have worked great so far from my own personal experience. When I bought my 330ci my radiator was leaking from the end caps and I took the risk with the ebay radiator. I havent post on the forum about the radiator because I was waiting until I reached the one month mark. At least this way we know how well it holds up.

There a few things I do need to mention:
The expansion tank holder does not work with this radiator. Therefore it is held in place with zip ties right now until I build a new mount.
The fan does not fit behind the radiator due to the larger core, so it has to be move to the front.
I had use plumbers tape to hold the upper radiator to the frame and the same for the bottom.

Its a great value if you guys dont mind the little modifications to make things work.

Here are some pictures of the radiator.

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