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Originally Posted by M3_Aaron View Post
You need to figure out what you're willing to spend for peace of mind and go from there.

In my opinion the best upgrades are from Brembo, AP Racing, Alcon and Performance Friction but they'll come at a premium as good brakes do. Size will be determined by the manufacturers offerings. Generally they are matched to the size of your OEM master cylinder.

There are cheaper kits around but you might find that they aren't supported as well locally or are multi-piston bling. The availability and price of replacement parts might also be an issue.

I wouldn't buy any kit recommended from a forum vendor unless if you were familiar and confident with that product. The amount of crap that get peddled as quality these days is disappointing.
Im looking to spend up to $2,500

Originally Posted by dsio View Post
Ah... I was about to say the 330i/330ci factory brakes are actually very good but I'm guessing you've still got the small 318i brakes on your swapped 330i. Mind you its entirely possible I don't push them nearly as much, but bugger me if the stopping power of the 330ci hasn't saved me on a few occasions.
I had the brakes replaced but they are the same 318-328 have all the same.

Originally Posted by Goondaddy View Post
Brake upgrades are all fine and dandy, but more importantly, ensure that you have some decent rubber. That will have more of an effect than brakes when it comes to pulling up quickly.
yeah got Achilles I'm happy with them for now.

Originally Posted by Nath View Post
TMQ is parting out his 380mm Brembo BBK off his 330ci?
Has he decided he is parting out??
Originally Posted by msbhvn View Post
ECS offer a BMW BBK, the kit uses the BMW Motorsport pieces, look into it.

I have wilwoods brakes and the where reasonably priced, I bought them from UUC
I was looking at the wilwoods myself are the good? What size did you get
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