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Originally Posted by Daemonix View Post
Just for informatoin: I just changed out my power steering pump, and did *not* have to take out the fan shroud and fan in order to get the pump out from the bottom. There was plenty of room for me to get it around the swaybar. I would suggest that people doing this DIY would loosen the bolts on the pulley before loosening the belt, *AND* loosen the high pressure fitting. When it's bolted to the car it makes it alot easier.

And lastly, once you loosen up the clamp holding on the big low pressure hose, get the hose off of the pump before you take the pump off. Mine was a little stuck on and was a pain in the ass with the pump just dangling by the hose. (Things were slippery with power steering fluid and grease.) Let me know if you have any questions!

How about that metal bracket which holds the pump to the engine. It does not come with the new pump i purchased. So how do i take the old one out from the pump? What kind of bolts hold it? Or are they bolts or some funky screws that you sometimes see in BMW?
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