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Originally Posted by new//M3fan View Post
I'm curios to know how many people regularly replace the S54 solenoid gasket, and service the solenoid filter piece with a new filter and o-rings and how many people have had any sort of VANOS related failures while still performing the above maintenance.

I know my VANOS made a RACKET when my solenoid gasket was leaky, also the black o-ring on the VANOS pressure limiting valve on my car was severely squared off.

There is also a regulating valve attached to the head

Part number 1. with replaceable o-rings. I didn't replace the o-rings when I installed my CAM bolts, I may take the VANOS off just to replace the o-rings above for peace of mind during my next valve adjustment.

I wish besiansystems would release a comprehensive viton o-ring replacement kit for the S54 VANOS; I would buy the kit immediately.

Maybe the inconsistant oil pressure in the VANOS system due to leaks is the root cause of VANOS issues?


Any insight?
This thread is for the standard E46 vanos. It would have been better to post on an E46 M3 forum and invited me to respond.

I doubt any of these O-rings leaking would cause a vanos problem.

The oil regulator you point to seems to fail in some cases on the S62 vanos and cause an excess amount of oil to dispense from the vanos relief port and fill up the crankcase vent system. I don't know if itís an issue on the S54 and what symptom it would cause.

I'm surprised you found that your leaking solenoid sealing plate was causing a vanos racket. It would have had to be a large leak.
Where was the noise coming from? Intake or exhaust side?

The two main S54 vanos failures are the solenoid coil pack and the oil pump driver tabs breaking. These problems have nothing to do with the O-rings and oil leaks.

Beisan has a solution for the solenoid coil pack and is working on a solution for the breaking driver tabs.
Beisan will have a sealing plate repair kit by the end of the month. It will include O-ring that will take the place of the rubber rings molded in the sealing plate.

It doesn't seem the S54 vanos internal piston seals are failing, but Beisan will make and test a seals kit. We will likely release a seals kit and it will include the O-rings you are referencing.
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