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Originally Posted by jeepo23 View Post
So my headlight washers don't spray. It does not leak, but what I noticed is that I can hear that cylindrical pump running when I spray.
I am assuming the front one is the headlight washers and the rear one is the windshield?

What I tried is to disconnect the rear one, run the front one and watch the fluid level drop but it does not.. The pump runs but doesn't seem to take any fluid. Any idea where my issue lies? This mean a broken pump?
Most likely a broken pump, blocked tubing, or blocked output on your container. Be prepared to lose a lot of your fluid while doing the tests below, You may want to save it first (by suction tool or other manual pump).
#1 - Try pulling out headlight pump (by exerting weak vertical pull), and see if liquid drains out of the washer liquid container. This will ensure your container is not the issue, and that debris is not blocking the passage to the headlight pump.
#2 - Try disconnecting headlith pump output tubing. Fluid should free flow out immediately.
#3 - Try activating your pump, without output tubing attached to it. Fluid should spray out into your engine bay. If it doesnt, you need a new pump, and strainer (see OEM part numbers listed below.


Strainer for wash pump, part # 61678374382.

Bought mine off ebay for $14 in late 2010 (AutoLampsPlus), but they dont carry it anymore. Stills works after tow Candaind winters.
Found another store (Deutsche Parts) that sells one for $27 here. Unsure about quality ...


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