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to jeepo - I found this thread, which describes your issue exactly ...

I posted/trimmed down the text here for your convenience ...
I had the same problem. It's the easiest fix, took me 5 minutes to fix. I would turn on the wipers and hear the headlamp washer motor run but neither of the jets came out. If you look at the windsheild washer fluid resevoir, there are two cylindrical black motors, one closest to the front bumper, and one opposite. The one closest to front bumper is the one for the headlamps. Get someone to help you because you need them to activate the wipers for you to check whats wrong, (if you want to save washer fluid, just unplug the black cylindrical motor attached to the windshield washer fluid resevoir thats furthest away from the front bumper, that motor is for the windsheild wipers).

What I did was I unplugged the hose from the headlamp washer pump and put my finger over the now open pump outlet (It will be pouring out washer fluid anyway so you'll have to put something over it to stop it). I then had the person in the car activate the wipers to turn on the headlamp washer pump (If you turn on your lights with your key in position #2 right before ignition, the first activation of the windsheild washer will activate the headlamp washer pump). Now what happened was the pump activated, but I felt NO PRESSURE on my finger what so ever (The pump is really loud and will vibrate just incase your not sure if it working or not).
This is an indication of a stripped gear or something in your headlamp washer pump.

To install the new pump is very easy ( *** As soon as you pull the old pump out of the windsheild washer fluid resevoir it will POUR OUT FLUID LIKE CRAZY so you have to do this quick but read further on). Unplug the hose that runs into the old headlamp washer pump. Pull the old headlamp washer pump straight up and out of the windsheild washer fluid resevoir (it takes almost no effort at all) and QUICKLY drop the new one right in place of the old one and QUICKLY plug the hose that runs into the headlamp washers back into the NEW PUMP. The hose will ALMOST CLICK into place. Then simply activate the headlamp washers and watch them work in all their glory!

Its not a problem with the jets because its HIGHLY UNLIKELY both fail at the same time because they are clogged or otherwise. Its also not a kink in the hose because the single hose that plugs into the headlamp washer pump splits into two seperate hoses, one for each jet. If there was a kink, at least one of the jets would work becase there is only a few inches in the main hose before it splits and you would see the kink that was stopping the flow to both jets.

Hope this helps anyone with the same problem, good luck!!

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