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Originally Posted by EmbassyBlack View Post

one thing that sucks is the radio side for minisd. i just bought a 32gig card so im in the process of getting it all set up so i can use the android media player which i hear good things about. another thing is you can choose what song u want to play from the menu when i hook up my iphone, it just plays random songs. other than that its a great unit. Expensive but considering how many other flip out screens there are on the market for for ~$1500 and that don't look stock id say this is a good deal. its got a ton of potential thats for sure. The pros seriously out way the cons and im really happy with my purchase.

I have a question though, the illumination lights aren't tuning on
I'm not sure what the problem. I used the farka cable to extend from the stock radio in the back since i had oem navigation. I had to splice the wires together to hook it up since the farka cable had a different connector. Anyone know where the illumination wire is so i can take a look at this and try to fix it? I know the farka cable had "brake" "reverse" and "amp" wires separately stick out of the end of it. Maybe its one of those?

And thanks for the unit Jeff!!
If you have an android unit you definitely want to use the android media player, it is by far your best option.

For the iphone, you just hold down the "menu" button to go to the "artist/album/playlist/etc... screen.

For the lighting, if you used a Fakra harness there is an orange wire for illumination on the harness, if you look at the corresponding pin in the oem plug in your trunk you will find your car has no illumination wire.....easiest fix is to splice the orange wire into a dash illumination wire (at the ashtray for instance) or just splice the orange to the red ignition wire in the harness so the lights come on when the car is on.

Originally Posted by geeDoh View Post
Hey guys...got my unit from Jeff (thanks!) and doing the install right now, and need some assistance.

1) Not sure how my existing Bluetooth connects to the unit. Can I use the existing mic? Where is the connection made? Also, couldn't find where to access the Bluetooth menu to add my phone...
2) steering wheel controls seem to work intermittently... Volume and track selection don't always work, until I push it a couple times, if at all. Am I doing something wrong here? The only connection I did for this was plug the original wiring into the little black box with the mini USB plug on one side. What's supposed to plug into the mini USB port?

Thanks for the help!
you dont use the stock mic or the stock bluetooth since the dynavin has it built in, you use the mic that came with the dynavin.

your stock bluetooth module could be causing some confusion with the steering wheel controls, disconnect the oem bluetooth.
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