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Originally Posted by Gatorsurgeon View Post
Lvl 47. Only put my perks into light armor, one-handed, enchanting and smithing. All 4 of those are at 100. No reason to lvl up any more, as everything in the game dies with 3 blows or less. Dragon scale armor. Bracers, a ring and a necklace that each increase one-handed damage by 35%. Two daedric swords upgraded to legendary. With that rig, each sword does base 200 damage per blow. Haven't even bothered to enchant the swords. Add in the bonuses for power attacks and critical hits and it's just not even fair.
Wow nice. I'm level 27, leveling a bit of everything, magicka, health and stamina. I was trying two handed then mage now archery so i have my stuff split everywhere.
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