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I have an issue with my Dynavin sd card. the card is not loading. I am sure it is correctly formatted and the device hardware is functioning (since the ROOM replacement is working when I update it with the latest Dynavin firmware).
However, after the system is loading I can see no card. I tried more cards, including the one which have the firmware. Nothing.
For more info I tried with those cards:
- one 2Gb card Fat 16 formatted
- one 2Gb card Fat 32 formatted
- one 8Gb card Fat 32 Formated

Partitions are Primary and Active on all of them. Still nothing.

It is also important to say that yesterday was working, I moved the IGo from the original card to the bigger one (8Gb), intalled it, tested it, etc..
Today, nothing. My Igo is saying he need the sd crd. I reloaded the firmware (wipe all the data with this ocasion and I loaded it from sd card which for purpose was working). When system is booting, still nothing.
Any idea?

The softwares on the market like reload the sd card specific softwares are also ineficient . Please help. I am almost sure it is a Android system issue.
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