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Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
Jason said the air intake/filter is very restrictive
Has anyone quantified that?

That's not directed at you specifically.

I'm just wondering if anyone has stuck a MAP sensor pre-turbo and watched what's going on, then correlated that to the shift in efficiency occurring across a compressor map?

Well....I kind of answered my own question there. Most of the turbo kits out there use a turbo that doesn't have a compressor map available. (Precision,FP, etc)

My point is that if the inlet restriction was causing the turbo to have to work harder (Spin the compressor wheel faster) to move air, you could be forcing the compressor to be working farther outside of it's high efficiency range at higher RPMs.

Some will catch what I'm saying....some won't. It doesn't bother me, as this is just a point of a discussion.

The pre-turbo intake plumbing and filter size on Trevor's car is pretty good, but I'd love to see an even larger filter element. Really easy to say, much harder to do....
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