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Originally Posted by new//M3fan View Post
Thanks for your thoughts on the subject and again thank you for your service, time and effort dedicated to the community!

The VANOS sealing plate rings appeared to be severely shrunk and cracked, I also cleaned the filter on the VANOS regulator. However, I noted that the o-ring on the inside had severely compressed and shrunk. Finished it up with a VANOS test and cleared the adaptations and the noises were gone; this was done when replacing the CAM bolts--the OE bolts were fine but didn't require much TQ to break loose.

Are the E46 M3 VANOS piston o-rings made out of Viton? Is that why they don't fail in the same way as they do on non-m's?

Great! thanks! I guess there is a viton alternative to the OE o-ring I just replaced with OE... As I understand the solenoid pack fails primarily due to the connection between the car and the electronics inside solenoid pack being compromised?
Thanks for the kind words of support.

Yes, the vanos piston seal O-rings are Viton and that's why they're not failing.

The pressure restrictor small O-ring is a -13. The OEM is Buna and that's why it's failing.

Yes, the solenoid fails because of cracking solenoid connector pin solder joints at the PC board.
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