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BlackWorks Radiator for e46 non-M 99 - 07

I saw this thread and just wrote Blackworks. Here is the response on the non-M radiator....IN THE WORKS!

Hello, thank you for your Email and concern on this Radiator. However this radiator will not fit your 330i this is for the M3. I am working on one for the 330i and hopefully will have it released in the next few months, over the years i have seen alot more interest in consumers for the 330i. again thank you for your Email and my apologize on the lack of info on our site its been along work in progress i will have that changed.

Nick, looking at the e46 forums if you come up with a design that will fit you should get more than a few buyers....especially if you can keep the price under $300. Please let me know when you come out with this product...I'll be the first in line to purchase and spread the word.

Thanks for your reply ken it will be in the same price range as the M3 rad ($250). i will keep you posted when i have them ready.
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