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Well my laptop charger decided it had better things to do than charge my computer so I had to order a new one! Just got it so now I can finish up my DIY!!!

Step 5: Unbolt the Driveshaft

IMPORTANT: Make sure you unbolt the driveshaft from the transmission output shaft BEFORE you unbolt the transmission cross member.

Alright, now your going to remove the 3-18mm bolts holding the drive shaft to the transmission output shaft. Make sure that you remove the 3 bolts that connect the Drive Disc Coupler (rubber bushing between the drive shaft and output shaft) to the trans output shaft. The guibbo should stay bolted to the driveshaft.

This is where it comes in handy to have your rear wheels in the air so you can rotate the drive shaft as needed to access the bolts.

Tightening Torque: 64 Nm

Next you are going to remove the 2-13mm nuts holding the center driveshaft support in place.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Make sure when bolting the center driveshaft support back up that you apply 2mm of preload too the mount. Meaning bolt the driveshaft back up to the transmission and where ever the center mount naturally sits, you slide the mount 2mm towards the front of the car and bolt it down.

Tighten Torque: 21 Nm

Step 6: Remove Transmission Cross-member

There are 4-13mm bolts holding the crossmember to the chassis and 2-13mm nuts mounting the transmission to the top of the tranny bushings.

First thing you want to do is loosen the 2-13mm nuts mounting the trans to the crossmember. You don't have to fully remove the nuts. You simply need to loosen them up a bit so that when you unbolt the crossmember from the chassis you can simply slide the mount out.

Next unbolt the 4-13mm bolts mounting the crossmember to the chassis

Then hang the drive shaft off to the side. or secure it to a safe place, so it doesnt get damaged.

Now there is your shift linkage!!!! Coming Next

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