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Originally Posted by Rob43 View Post
It is possible the Vorshlag Damper is as good as the ATI, but probably not. I can make this statement based on the fact that ATI's sole purpose in life is building the very best Dampers, period. ATI has every possible piece of "State Of The Art" testing equipment at their disposal. The chances of Vorshlag investing millions, if not tens of millions of dollars in this type of testing equipment for a Damper or Dampers they're only going to sell a few of is not likely. So their copy may be good, but probably not on the same level of the ATI Damper.

I would also say that anyone placing a single order with ATI at about $800 would get their Damper in 60 to 90 days. On the other hand, Vorshlag isn't even out of the prototype stage; who's to say their first or even second prototype works properly ? Which means the chance of taking delivery on a Vorshlag finished Damper any sooner than 8 or 9 months from now is not likely. So you could spend $800 now, and be protected for the 2012 track day / occasional autocross season. Or wait to spend $550 to $600 (guessing) on the Vorshlag Damper that won't probably be delivered any sooner than September, meanwhile you just suffered a catastrophic engine failure at the last track day you participated in. The choice is yours.

Good luck.
I'm not trying to start anything but it seems you are being a little optimistic with how ATI would treat us and pessimistic on the Vorshlag piece- which is more understandable.

It seems from some posts on this page of the guys from the last GB have a soured impression of ATIs service and helpfulness with the E46 community. It seems like they took forever to make the dampers and didn't really give you much of a discount- basically made you work for the product. Someone called them and they said 90-120 days. I don't think I'll have a catastrophic engine failure before then, being cautious not to hold to high rpms, with the loctite prepped nut on my zhp and only 6800rpm redline.

I want to wait until the new damper is out and weigh my options.

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