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Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
Thread Revival and Posts concerning Vanos:

So to summarize...things that are not so hot in the Vanos:
- Exhaust Hub Breaking (Beisan Solution in the works)
- Intake Cam Bolts Loosen up (Threadlocker with Z4M Cam bolts iirc)
- Vanos Solenoid Pack (Beisan Solution available and Dr.Vanos...Beisan is rebuilt and Dr.Vanos is overpriced new OEM with same inherent design flaw)
- Vanos Seals (Beisan Solution available)

Sent an email to Raj@Beisan asking what he recommends for a full overhaul on the S54 vanos and I expect he'll be back to me today.
Thanks Kenton, this is definitely useful information for all of us and thanks for keeping it in one thread. That other thread started to get me worries specially since I am not the only one that has the ticking noise. Lets see what he has to say about our similar symptoms.

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