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Here are a couple of thoughts and options.

First, the 3-Gun use. For initially breaking into 3-Gun, any AR is pretty much fine. If you want to get competitive, a standard AR won't cut the mustard. There are general ARs, combat ARs and competition ARs. The question is what you want. General ARs do everything OK, but nothing great. Combat ARs are profoundly reliable, durable, tough, able to shoot a wide variety of ammo, and tend to be lighter or more compact. Competition ARs tend to be a lot heavier and are designed for accuracy and speed, and sacrifice durability and reliability. If you want to get more involved in 3-Gun, you will eventually need to do some significant upgrades to your rifle to stay competitive and to stave off peer pressure from the 3-gun zealots.

If you do want to do 3-Gun, a 1:7 twist barrel is a better barrel option, as it gives you the ability to stabilize heavier match bullets in the 69-77gr weight. Barrel twist is actually relative to bullet velocity, not bullet weight. The lower the velocity, the tighter the needed twist. Such is why you cannot have an SBR (under 16" barrel) with a 1:9 or 1:12 twist barrel and expect any reasonable performance. The difference in barrel twist will relate to what bullets your barrel will stabilize better. While a 1:9 twist barrel will stabilize 55gr better, it will not stabilize anything heavier than 62gr very effectively. For the barrels in your price range, you will never be able to see any marked difference in the accuracy of 55gr-62gr ammunition when you compare 1:9 twist to 1:7 twist. If you were running a high-end match barrel, it'd be a different story. For a carbine barrel, the difference is negligible and favors the greater utility and flexibility of the 1:7 twist.

If you want to start with a less expensive setup, look into building a setup with Del-Ton. I would suggest a midlength upper with a 16" barrel. Use this link to put together a rifle kit of your choice, with MOE accessories and a YHM rail, etc. It has everything you want, and will come out around the price you want to spend. The setup I built that matches your design came in at $677. It includes everything but the lower receiver. Make sure to select the chrome-lined barrel, either in 1:9 or 1:7. Both are the same price, but again, 1:7 is more versatile. Del-Ton is a lower tier company that still sells decent parts.

If you want something more specific in your build, let me know.

Don't get too specific or custom on your initial rifle setup. The issue that comes in is that you will need to outfit your rifle to fit your intended primary use. When people get a rifle and configure it right away without much experience, they will most certainly change it. There is a line between a "working setup" and just being "tacticool". When you look at people who have had ARs for a while and have multiple ARs, you'll notice that all of their rifles are configured the same way. Many members here exemplify that. When i go to training courses, you can tell who the newer shooters are, because they're the ones that come in after lunch on Day 1 with a different rifle configuration than when they started in the morning. It takes time to figure out what you want, what you like, and what you don't want/don't like. Don't spend too much money on accessories until you have some time behind the rifle. An AFG is not a very expensive accessory, but be aware that something like half of all users wind up ditching it for a vertical foregrip (VFG) or for a simple handstop. Go ahead and try the AFG if you want, but don't be married to it if you don't like it. Be flexible with your configuration until you determine what you like.
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