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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
From a programmable Bosch ECU guide:

The only difference with the E46 setup is in place of manifold pressure and intake air temperature there is a MAF. If you change the block, the displacement value goes wrong. The ECU will still calculate fuel, but it will have an incorrect value, and will inject incorrect amounts of fuel.

With a larger displacement, and no other changes I'd expect the mixture to run lean, misfires would occur, the engine would try some enrichment compensating, and then go into safe mode.

Maybe a ghetto fix would be just install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and slowly up the fuel pressure, until the engine compensation amounts were close to neutral. The mapping probably wouldn't be ideal though, as camshaft and intake properties would throw things off in a few areas.
Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Has this plan been revised? Nothing in this original plan sounds like it will work.-Original injectors won't put in enough fuel with 330 software, since 330 makes calculations based on higher flow fuel injectors.
-330 ecu and software do the calculating from throttle pedal to throttle body, so is wiring going to be different and how will the ECU react to not having all inputs?
-Will a Conforti Shark Injector even allow you to replace software of one model with another for liability reasons?
-Will your ECU even be compatible with the needed software?

Original injectors won't put in enough fuel with 330 software
when did I say I was running 330 software?

wiring going to be different and how will the ECU react to not having all inputs?
when did I say I am going to run a MS43 or MS45 engine wire harness and DME?

you have no reading comprehension and just came in here with your negativity. I would even say you came in here just to "rain on my parade." next time, I suggest you read the thread before commenting.

The only valid thing you said so far is the "lean codes" but I am sure I won't run into that problem. The 2.8L and 2.5L uses the same injectors and I think the stock injectors is rated up to 210-220HP.

Anyhow, I might be a "newbie" so I am sure this is why are you are shitting on my thread but what do you have to say about 4ngie and M4TT dropping in a 3.0L engine to replace's their B25 engine. 4ngie ran her car with the MS42 (325 Map) on the 3.0L and reported no major issues.

I am already talking to a few tuners to customized my MS42 Map to take advantage of the larger displacement and larger injectors. So if everything fails I will just get a custome tune and hopefully this will silence your non sense and negative views.

BTW...since you know it all, can you at least help me and contribute to my thread in a postive manner by answering my question:

what is the stock flow rate for the 323/328/325 fuel injectors? I know the B30 uses #24 but can't really confirm the B25. I keep on getting conflicting numbers from #16 to #22

if my project fails then I will be the first one to admit that I was wrong based on a lot of incorrect assumptions. Heck, I will even suck up my pride and ego and come on here and say "you are right." However, at least I can walk away knowing that I have bigger balls then you to try something like this.

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