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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Yes, bow down before my trolling and arrogance with somewhat useful information. Ok, now I'm going to troll somebody else who is in over their heads.

M54B30 only
BMW Part No: 13 53 7 546 245
Manufacturer: Siemens
Manufacturer Part No: 1439800
Flow rate: 315cc/min or 30.0lbs/hr

All M54 and M52tu (excluding M54B30)
BMW Part No: 13 53 7 546 244
Manufacturer: Siemens
Manufacturer Part No: 1427240
Flow rate: 208cc/min or 19.8lbs/hr
thanks for the 2.5 flow injector answer (sincerely mean this) but I think your B30 flow rate is wrong. a lot of people keep on saying that the B30 flow rate is 30lbs/hr but PEI330 has confirmed that it is istead a 24ft/lbs. I will put my money on PEI because 1) he is Canadian and 2) he is a god

here is what PEI330 wrote on his amazing build thread on my330i

With "spark" handled, I turned my attention to fuel. The purple ones are the OEM 24 lb/hr injectors, the maroon ones are new 30 lb/hr injectors:

It appears that the OEM injectors have a directional nozzle that points towards the valves. The OEM injector is on the left, new one on the right:

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