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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
WHAT?!?! You mean a WOMAN created an ENGINE SWAP thread, and ISN'T getting eHumped like a rabbit?!?! Does that mean this forum finally grew up?
Oh she gets eHumped all around i think , i vagely recall she does MMA so maby thats why you dont see much eHumping

As for fuel pressure change you just divide the new pressure by the old, then sqrt it and multiply with inj. cc's

161cc*1.08=174cc @ 3.5bar

Fuel injector is calculated by :
HPGoal * BSFC(0.5 for gas , 0.75 for E85 are what i generally use)
Divide this by number of injectors multiplied by duty cycle(DC can be as high as 90% depending on the injector quality) and then multiply by 10.5 to have it in cc's

So : (230*0,5)/(6*0,85)*10.5=237cc is the minimum flow you need.

Rob , 1 bar isnt 14.7psi (it's ~14.51, maby you were thiking of lambda=1 for gas?)
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