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I hope you read a bit more into things before you (wasted ->IMO) all that coin...I know Mspired has had no issues with his Dr.Vanos upgrade but you seriously needed to call Raj at Beisan systems. Alot of history between the two companies and in a nut shell here is my take on it.

Dr.Vanos buys brand new OEM solenoid packs ( The same ones that fail in the first place)
Also the Cryo treatment on the exhaust hub could infact have negative effects on the exhaust tabs as it increases the brittleness of the metal...most failures are > 60k Miles so you won't know until you get more miles on it.

Dr.Vanos wants to make money...and he's doing that and isn't researching the primary reason or fix for the exhaust tabs like Raj is. Regardless you will want the updated crap from Raj when it comes out...and he doesn't care about the money...he's extremely passionate about BMW's engineering failure in regards to the vanos issues.

Seriously you owe it to yourself to call him regardless...I have spent a considerable amount of time looking into this and this is just my opinion...there is absolutely no blindly spend on something that is cheaper and imo better.

Edit: Don't take my word for it either...dig into all the threads on this on this forum, bfc and m3forum...there are tens of thousands of posts on this crap. Save the money for better upgrades.

And the video sounds fine...exhaust has an offbeat rasp to it that might throw you off but thats not the vanos...the tiny rattle is the only thing...way worse noises in other vids on youtube...don't look for hpf vanos in a search...try S54 Vanos, BMW Vanos Rattle...its universal for most e46's and many other bmw's...the rattle isn't the issue so much as the extra play in the exhaust tabs...obviously vanos service on the bearings/seals should be done every 80k imo and inspection or rebuild of the solenoid packs at your comfort but the exhaust tabs are what actually is a ticking time bomb.
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