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mini update: The M54B30 ZHP engine is already here in OKC. Maybe I will get it on Monday and not Tuesday.

Originally Posted by ///MPR77 View Post
......Also having an engine with only 90k on it would be nice, and any gains achieved is at the very worst a bonus.
Without proper/custom tunning or running a dedicated MS43 or MS45 setup I will not run this engine at its max efficiency/performance. However, I will be content if I get some low end performance (especially more torque) while running my MS42 Map. Of course custom tunning or MS43 or MS45 is a MUST but that won't be later down the road.

Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
I expect only minimal gains at the top but the low end torque should improve dramaticaly.
agree and I hope so too (more low end torque)

Originally Posted by 323I00 View Post
Ive read some OG threads on other sites and truthfully nothing really was Illustrated or documented properly , What was started out as a project ended up as "So op did you resolve the problem" OR "OP Its been to long pls update us".

Its a project Ive thought about numerous times but never fell through because of mixed ans , Ideally yes theres always some thing that comes up or come short through the process but from what Ive read Its never been Illustrated with a complete detail.

Ps....Will we finally see what Miss flash looks like through pics ? And yes we dont mind pointy elbows the blonde/big boobs makes up for It
You are right. Based on my research I have seen the three following scenarios:

1) People who started the project but never updated their progress (I assumed they abandoned it due to technical issues)

2) People who started the project and said it worked but gave very little background information (the majority falls in this catagory to include a handful of e46fanatics members).

3) People who started the project and completed it successfully doing a complete swap (DME, injectors, TB, wire harness, etc). This is a successful completion is obvious since they are doing a 100% proper swap.

assuming I do not run lean on the car (since I am using the 323/328/325 injectors) and assuming I make ZERO NET GAIN (based on dyno resuots) I will probably leave the engine until I work on the custom tunning or upgrade my DME to MS43/45.
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