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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
this is another subject in itself but I have been seriously taking about retrofitting the ZF 6 speed automatic (found on the twin turbo e9x) on the
M54 engine. It was already confirmed that the bell housing will mate with the engine block perfectly. what havent been confirmed is what modification is required for this to work (Tranny wire harness, TCU, drive shaft, etc)
I have played around with this aswell. some of the problems you need to overcome are the starter mounting. from what I remember the m54 starter has 2 bolts that go through the transmission side of the bell housing and into the starter. the n5x has one bolt on the transmission side of the bell housing and 1 bolt that goes into the bell housing from the engine side. you would need to drill/machine the bell housing and make sure the starter lines up with the flywheel.

the flywheels/flexplates are different as well as the clutch/torque converter.

the drive shaft would have to be shortened.

the "tcu" (egs) is internal to the transmission on the autos I dont know if the ms43/ms54 will speak the same CAN lang as the n5x

thats as far as I have gotten with it. if you pursue it more please update us. the n5x tranny is leaps and bounds better!
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