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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
I see the 49ers defense slamming the Giants hard to advance to the SB.

Also, unless Baltimore has some major issues, I don't think the Pats can go toe to toe with the Ravens.

So I see the Ravens vs 49ers in the SB. I predict the 49ers defense dominates the game and takes it home to SF.
No offense, but don't you mean "unless the Patriots have some major issues"?

If Brady and company are on point, i find it very, very, difficult for anyone left in the playoffs to go toe to toe with him in TDs. The ravens ALWAYS play amazing against us, and even as a diehard Pats fan i am not 100% confident in this game, I guess i'm just surprised that some Raven fans don't feel the least bit worried about our offense.
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