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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
Just the way I see it. And, as a Cowboys fan, my opinion is completely neutral regarding these two teams. Best of luck to both of them. I look forward to watching the game.
There are a lot of factors to determine this game... most importantly the pats offense and the ravens defense. I am in no way expecting a blowout like the broncos game... as long as the turnovers are kept to a minimum, it will most likely be a very close game and can go either way.

Originally Posted by DieselJerzE46 View Post
You mean Pitt?

Steelers looked as good as Green Bay did last night vs the Giants, only the Giants are one hell of a better team than the Broncos, and look how the scores ended up.

Either way there are too many match-ups I'd like to see in the SB.

Giants - Ravens rematch. Ravens whoop dat ass again.

Giants - Pats rematch. Patriots get revenge.

Niners - Ravens Harbough SB.

Niners - Pats Brady gets put to the test like Brees.

I'm going with SF - Balt, SF taking it all.
lol yes Pitt... whoops
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