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initial observations

540i handling- While heading out for a joy ride yesterday I took the back roads I normally take to work for comparison against the 3. There’s a downhill sweeper with a good bend at the bottom that goes over a really small bridge. Think east coast country side… The sign says 35/40(?- I’ll have to check) and I’ve taken it pretty quick in the 3, but never really paid attention to the speedometer. Yesterday I was keenly aware of everything and the car seems to offer so much more confidence than the 3 in these type situations. So much so that I was hitting this turn doing 80mph and came out smiling! Not only that, but it was immediately apparent on how less dramatic it felt compared to the 3. Around town or on the commute the 3 seems more flickable/responsive, but this was different, like when really hard pressed the car responded fantastic and without any drama. I couldn’t help but think about it more throughout the day. Was it the tires? The M suspension? 18” wheels? Or a combo of all? Then it occurred to me- the 3 doesn’t have the super-supportive M seats… I remember the feeling of having to hold myself in the 3 whereas this was just a point/shoot situation. If that makes sense…?
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