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Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
How are you finding the D99 in the E39? Nice fit etc?

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You should be able too ? I tried logging out and being an admin I checked the permissons. Theyre read only to guests.

Will post it here

Fit wise, it was a *****. I spoke with the retailer here who also installs them (I installed my own) .. He found its because the back fowls on the metal cross bar. you can reach in from the glove box area and lift the back of the unit over it and its fine ... you need to push really hard though.


my install post from bimmersport
____________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Well I shelled out the $$$ for a new D99 / E39 Android computer. I also purchased the DVB-T box.

Its going to take me a few hours ill try document the install a long the way including a half way decent video at the end, Im sick of looking at phone cam or low resolution / out of focus shakey noob cam video on youtube!

compulsery carpet shot

I hate it when this happens ...

I own a face lift car, but the amp wiring is pre-fl ... dam NZ dealers

Bit of surgery needed to fit the new loom. Easy enough.

getting it done..

.. all done

For anyone attempting this. The cage and dash install isnt as straight forward as first thought. Im glad I have another day tomorrow

Learning as I go.

Here is a link into the trim removal needed to get the cage in. So of this is a bit obsolete as its an another product, but give the general idea.

Was quite simple after I got going except for my bloody head unit space. For some reason it was tighter than a nun.

Anyways, here it is in pictorial form.

Pull the unit out like so

And remove these screws to get it off the frame.

Pull the bottom trim down and outwards. Its a bit of a ***** to do but it needs to be done to remove the stock 16:9 frame.

And out she comes with a bit of coaxing

So the instructions are pretty much useless at this point. If you fully construct the frame with the middle bridge piece, it just won't go in .. so put it in a 3rd at a time. This is the right hand side installed .. Install the left then bolt in the middle section.

Next remove all the trim down the left hand side of the car to lay the loom for rear amp connections. You only need this loom if you have had factory TV. If you just had the MID / controller then your connections are up front. Lucky you.

Out comes all the the old stuff.

A bunch of stuff thats probably going to be up for sale soon

Soooo one of the got yas, the looms came with a mistake ... The ibus control wiring is back to front for the RS485 connectivity. So the white and blue wires are reversed like so. This will allow proper MF steering control via the IBUS -> Dynavin micro controller box (see black box below)

ibus 'blackbox' that allows dynavin to talk IBUS protocol and read the OBC stuff. Although I dont think it askes the 'right' questions to the car personally as battery voltage doesnt work on the dynavin OBC

So this is where things got really hard .. this thing is NunSpec

The dynavin display on my car didnt quite fit as you can see. So I got inventive with the wifes chopping boards and a can of dryglide.

Dryglide ftw.

In it finally went

Trim back together and every looked zen again.

I tidied up all of the stuff in the rear properly.

Also as a side note, I taped up some of the plugs (usb / arial etc) as cars are a high vibration environment, saves fault finding later

Ill do the video up tomorrow. But everything on this thing kicks ass! .. I need to go get a nice 32GB micro SD card to store maps and other larger apps on.

The first impressions of the DVB-T / TV unit is great ... digital TV rules.

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