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There is no 'silence' that we are trying to keep over a release date. As said in this thread we missed the end of the year which was our realistic goal but it did not happen. The issue is I can say "Oh it is now this date" and if we are 2 weeks later again it looks bad on our part. To be honest and up front we originally announced we were working on it too early and this started the online clock for a date for release. The original postings from BSW on this we were not in production at that time. We were tlaking about it, designing how it would work and PnP setup. So there were months to go with just figuring out how it was all going to work, Prototyping. Testing. Adjusting. Tweaking. Etc. You can see where it is going.

As with all of you I myself am an enthusiast that supports vendors on this forum and others. I truly wish I could go "Call me guys I have it for order" but I cannot do that yet and apologize for the extended delays and lack of release. It is as frustrating for me as for you as I want to get you guys more upgrades. Just like you I want to get a kit into my E36 and enjoy it even more. We are working on it and it will be released. That I can assure you of and we truly appreciate the hardcore following we have on here.

eJack - Would be interested to discussing your upgrade more as your review is not typical of our customers that got a complete upgrade. Maybe we can do some tweaking or an incorrect item was shipped and thus you have a decrease in audio quality. I see from your comments your kit is a few years old but would still like to address that if you would let me. Definitely do not want an upset customer with BSW. That is never our goal.
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