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Per JasonYou meaning me so I'll pass it along to you guys)

"Sure. We've paid three mold fees for the multiple harnesses. We're doing it in such a way that allows for the harnesses themselves to be plug and play, so that guys can opt for full on Stage 2 kits or a simple PnP subwoofer harness.

Harness 1 takes the OEM connector to a BSW specific 46 pin plug.
Harness 2 takes the BSW specific plug to the necessary wires that will connect to the amplifier.
Harness 3 takes the BSW specific plug back to the OEM connectors. This harness has a pigtail coming off of it that allows for subwoofer PnP.

Let's do it like this:

* Monthly updates with realistic timeframes that I'll provide to you.
* We're releasing the kits vehicle by vehicle, and we haven't decided on that order as of yet. I'm thinking E46 Coupes, then Cabrios, then Sedans.
* As photos show up, I'll pass them along.
* The 4 channel amplifier will have an RCA output so that a secondary subwoofer amplifier can be added if need be (Stage 3)
* Beta testers are only needed in the Los Angeles area. However, I have so many guys out here waiting I doubt we'll need any additional testers at least with regards to the E46.
* We'll gladly do a group-buy for the board. Once we have a REALISTIC timeframe of delivery we'll bring that option to the forefront."
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