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Forget the new MAF, put the old one back in for now.

Get the trouble codes read and focus at least on the lower CCV oil drain hose and the DISA O-ring.

I expect even if your lower intake elbow is not cracked, it could use a replacement if it is original anyway. You will just eliminate a future problem.

You should get your codes read as it will help start to identify what problems are likely to be happening. And what if any you are correcting. Start a log, write the date and mileage down each time you read the codes, then clear them. This is the only way to track where things are headed with each problem correctly. To many focus on component replacement before eliminating the obvious problems with the cheaper rubber, plastic and O-rings that have all aged and are going to be problems anyway.

Yes there are other issues that can cause your problems, but if you follow my directions, I would be surprised if you do not have problems with at least 2 out of the first 3 things I have listed.

Air/vacuum leaks are a major issue with engine controls on this engine and there are many places they can happen. Almost all of them are rubber or plastic that have gotten old, hard and cracked.
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