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Ok sorted .. as per your instructions ... with the 'Navi sound' turned on .. the pass through from android is a very average low khz mono.. with it turned off all of my sound issues in the Android system went away. Incuding some pretty loud pops and clicks.

Some other things I have been doing which may be of use to people.

The 'nav' micro SD card is where the Android file system is. The second micro SD card slot is for the other system only.. you cant read it in android. So
I had to clone my 2gb card to my new 32gb card and then expand the partition. You need to use a low level copy tool to clone the SD card such as Free software HDD Raw Copy Tool

You can then clone your 2GB card to a file

Then insert your bigger card and run the HDD Raw Copy tool and instead clone the source from the file you have just made and target your new larger micro SD card.

Next you have to expand the partition size from 2GB to what ever the size of your new card is.

I used more free software
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v7.0

You can simply click on the 2GB partion then click Move/resize partition and scale it to what you want and click ok then apply!

I would suggest either shutting your machine down to let the buffer wriite to avoid bad sectors. (I did this on my first attempt just removing the card)

Now go test in the 'Nav' SD Card slot in your Dynavin! happy days.

After you have installed all of your favourite apps / music etc.. I find it useful to take an image with HDD Raw Copy Tool for safe keeping. EG incase of lost card or damage etc.

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