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Originally Posted by 02black330ci View Post
I am liking this set up....

Sidetrack question, now that you are driving the beast again, what are your thoughts in regards to traction with the R888s?
Dunno about the R888's for traction but I can verify on many accounts that I get full hook on my NT05's on Race/Meth. I just got my Meth back online after a long hiatus...(found another plug that needed plugging).

Did many pulls today...clutch felt like it slipped once but mabe it was just a fluke I's not doing it anymore and I just finished like 8 hard 4th gear pulls.

Also found a weak link in my brake system...line/fitting broke on my rear right tire and dropped my fluid to luckily I had an appointment tomorrow to get my PFC06front and PFC97rear pads installed so they can fix the connection tomorrow. I've got brembo 4Pot 345mmLotus/GT3 Style calipers in the rear fwiw.
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